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XenForo Media Gallery - Gallery for XenForo 2.1.1

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XenForo Media Gallery , a gallery plugin for XenForo 2, has become available . This release is mainly aimed at fixing bugs and other minor improvements.

Some of these changes include:
Make sure the hourly and daily cleaning of the clones works at the right time.
Correct part of the installation when upgrading from very old versions to version 2.
Correct the problem, which means that the embedded thumbnails have not been rebuilt.
Make it clearer when adding media to which you are adding media.
Do not display the option to send alerts when performing certain actions only on their own media / albums / comments.
Displays the correct statistics of the album owner when viewing the album.
Add a missing album relocation warning template.
Correct the display of certain structured data for media elements.
Fix some problems and add additional flexibility in the flexible settings of the media / album slider widget.
Add a new “Add without permission” permission so that users can create their own media files when they are created, either worldwide, or for a user, or for each category.
Make sure that the option to move media to an album is available even if Allow Personal Albums is disabled.
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