importance of our relations

Relations are an important aspect of all human beings there are so many different relations we have around us & they connect us to understand each other,to love & be loved. If we want to stay happy we should give priorty to our family and all near and dear ones.It will help to make intimate bonds and we can enjoy having time for fun get together hang outs and a lot of other activities and events which become a chance to communicate each other.Nowadays its a global world it has become more easy and convinient to stay in touch through internet but in my opinion it has now make us so much addicted that we keep on tapping our mobiles and tabs while we are at work or any gathering. There should be a limit its a bad habbit that someone sitting in a gathering and instead of talking and meeting other people that person keep on busy with a mobile/tab whatever is in use.This is making distances,it is an irritating attitude and if anyone try to advise that person start misbehaving it is not a good sign all this is making us lonely,proud,angry,sometimes uncivilized so its better to keep a balance.Live & let others live but dont become slave of all these modern age technologies.

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