Education sector in under develpoed countries

If we look at the world and the more developed and even successful countries like USA , UK etc. , they have struggled a lot in this field. They have no compromise level on the educational sector , the teachers are respected a lot so as the students but in the  under developed countries , the focus is more on memory than on skills.

Institutions here are more focused on the memory of the students , their main focus is that the student getting education in their institution gets the highest marks no matter he know anything happening around in the world or even the things he/she has learned.

It has been proven and well-known fact that the students who were not good at school and not good at scoring highest marks and grades were the ones ruling the world in various sectors of education and science because they were more focused towards creativity and skill-based work rather than scoring more marks and getting more of the grades.

In my point of view , for the betterment of the education sector in the under-developed countries is in the fact that we need to focus more on the skills and learning than on remembering things , this is the one way we can get our education sectors better and more developed like the ones in the U.S.

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