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Gardens in Lahore

Aftab Javed

Aftab Javed
Staff member
Shalimar Bagh:

With an essence of Mughal period this beautiful evergreen garden is surely a place to visit with your friends and family to refresh your mind with nature.


Incorporating an elegant Jinnah library inside like a white palace, this beautiful Jinnah garden or Lawrence garden is a place to visit for family picnic or to enjoy reading books.

Hazuri Bagh:

With Hazuri Bagh baradari at its center this lovely garden is walled by different historical and famous places of Lahore and is a worth visiting place with family.

Jilani Park:

It is located at jail road and is a point of annual shows, competitions and exhibitions.

Oasis Golf and Aqua Resort:

If you are planning to have a lots of fun with friends or family then it’s a best place to visit where you can enjoy swimming and water fighting.